QUESTION..How many Mistresses’ have you personally seen, who actively encourage you to phone Her for a lengthy chat, ahead of your session?

My guess would be, not very many..right? Yet..how does Mistress know your deepest desires, NEEDS, want’s, thrills, if you’re not given the opportunity to say so?

Once you clearly demonstrate to Me that you are serious & committed to our session, & most importantly, your deposit has been transferred, We/we will agree a mutually convenient time to discuss in fine detail, all that you wish to achieve in a session with Me.

We’ll phone chat for a least 30 minutes, (all included in your Tribute)..this is our time to get really well acquainted, your time to ask all of your questions, My time to begin to get inside your head..which is of course what you need from your Mistress… our time to plan your debauched & deviant play session..oh yes.

What this DOESN’T mean…is that you will ‘attempt’ to mistake My kindness for weakness…many Knobends have tried & failed miserably…poor fools that they are…yet, this is not how you behave right? You show Me respect & it will be reciprocated My willing slave.

We are about to enter into a very erotic & intimate adventure together…help Me to understand you….& you will be rewarded tenfold…

Until We/we speak…



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