Double Domme sessions

Exciting times are coming… or should that read even more exciting times!

I’m beyond ecstatic to announce that My delicious partner & I are now formally the force to be reckoned with as a Double Domme sessioning couple. We are utterly unique in what We offer. Two experienced Dominants… two incredibly debauched minds… you could say double the trouble… We say double the indulgence. In reality, We’ve been Double Domming for several years… now is the time to shout it from the rooftops.

Hawkwind999 has now evolved beautifully into Zephyr999, a debauched rubber clad T girl who you may have come across at events and play sessions across the country. Zephyr loves to play for fun and for the last few years has been the secret weapon in My armoury assisting Me with My professional clients. She has become popular with My clients who can’t keep their hands off this naughty little rubber girlie. She & I have decided to make it official and join together as a formidable partnership, offering debauched professional sessions to Our very fortunate clients. We are a real life style couple who live together and love together. Now We play together, it’s official!

Let’s be very clear, We are NOT looking for slaves, We only invite honest, intelligent, personable, non time wasting clients to come and play with Us at Our well established chambers in London and Merseyside. We call them The Nerve Centres. We already have a stable of players who see Us on a regular basis, would you like to join them?

We are extreme players, particularly in breathplay and anaesthesia role play. We love playing with experienced clients but are also equally delighted to take those new to the scene, on an incredible journey into our debauched world. Once inside Our inner circle, you may be invited to join Us at one of Our small private play parties or accompany Us to a fetish event, where you will meet with other exciting members of the fetish community. We are extremely experienced in what We do. We play hard and play safe. Safety is paramount to Us, above and beyond any fantasy We may want to play out with you.

To arrange a session, for more details go to Our Rates and Contact page. We have an extensive range of latex and a selection for client use, although We do not have all sizes, We may be able to squeeze you into one of Our medium to large catsuits for your session.

I truly love My TGirls. Over many years I’ve honed My craft when feminising & transforming My very willing subjects into confident dazzling beauties… who at times can be rather slutty too. Whilst your face will be My creative canvas… that’s merely the beginning of your transformation. In addition I’ll teach you how to sit, stand, walk & even dance like a lady. I also specialise in bespoke personal shopping trips & overall transformation sessions. Together we’ll select your clothing, shoes, makeup & wigs, I’ll be your Transformation Guru! Should you wish, We’ll even arrange a professional photoshoot as a permanent reminder of your mesmerising makeover.

I especially adore directing kinky group play sessions… in fact I’m rather good at it. If being told what to do & who to do it to, whilst being Dominated by Mistress & Her Dominant TGirl partner in crime piques your interest… then We invite you to contact Us – we’ll make it a reality.

Our highly specialised anaesthesia role play sessions are currently available in London ONLY and limited to only 3-4 clients per month. Check back here for dates and if you are lucky enough to secure one of these prestigious and highly sought after appointments, a deposit will be required to confirm your booking. Upon receipt of your deposit, We will invite to join Us for your extensive pre session phone conversation. During which, We will discuss and plan your session in precise detail.

We are available for all other sessions in Merseyside throughout the year. Please note at the current time, We offer anaesthesia role play sessions in London only.

Come and have delicious debauched fun with Us… We guarantee to take your breath away.

Mistress xx

Welcome to My blog

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my new website, and of course, my new blog. Here, you will find all of my writings as well as news and details of upcoming events.