Imagine having your breath controlled by a beautiful, powerful Mistress who is expert in taking you to the edge and at the same time, keeping you very safe.

You are in inescapable bondage. A plastic bag is pulled tightly over your head and secured around your neck. A ball gag fills your mouth. Mistress looks deeply into your eyes as you struggle to breathe. It’s so hot, the oxygen becomes so stale and with each inhalation, you find it more difficult to take in any air and your mouth and nose suck tightly against the wet plastic. She delves into your pleading eyes as you are about to pass out and tightens the strap around your neck revelling in your torment and fear. You gasp, looking pleadingly into her ice cold gaze, hoping she will show you mercy. You cannot cry out so why bother trying?


You are naked, helpless and vulnerable as Mistress slides you into one of Her PVC body bags and tightens the straps. There is no easy way out. You are trapped under hot and sweaty PVC with only a small hole to breathe through. Suddenly, a familiar smell invades your breathing pattern and the aromas take you on a heavenly journey into bondage and submission.

Strapped to a bench, a gas mask is fitted tightly around your face and a rebreathing bag attached. With each breath, you breathe only your own air until you become weak and submissive with no new oxygen to find in your heavy rubber hooded prison.


Imagine being in full rubber, strapped firmly to a medical examination couch breathing in Mistress Empathy’s seductive aromas. Experienced in the art of hypnosis, Mistress’ words take you deeper and deeper into a hypnotic trance. As with Her deliciously velvety voice, She whispers your hypnotic script into your ear, especially created personally for you and only you.

This is the sadistic breathplay world of Mistress Empathy. She revels in your fear. Dare you submit to her?