Mistress Empathy writes...

Double Domme sessions

Exciting times are coming… or should that read even more exciting times!

I’m beyond ecstatic to announce that My delicious partner & I are now formally the force to be reckoned with as a Double Domme sessioning couple. We are utterly unique in what We offer. Two experienced Dominants… two incredibly debauched minds… you could say double the trouble… We say double the indulgence. In reality, We’ve been Double Domming for several years… now is the time to shout it from the rooftops.

Hawkwind999 has now evolved beautifully into Zephyr999, a debauched rubber clad T girl who you may have come across at events and play sessions across the country. Zephyr loves to play for fun and for the last few years has been the secret weapon in My armoury assisting Me with My professional clients. She has become popular with My clients who can’t keep their hands off this naughty little rubber girlie. She & I have decided to make it official and join together as a formidable partnership, offering debauched professional sessions to Our very fortunate clients. We are a real life style couple who live together and love together. Now We play together, it’s official!

Let’s be very clear, We are NOT looking for slaves, We only invite honest, intelligent, personable, non time wasting clients to come and play with Us at Our well established chambers in London and Merseyside. We call them The Nerve Centres. We already have a stable of players who see Us on a regular basis, would you like to join them?

We are extreme players, particularly in breathplay and anaesthesia role play. We love playing with experienced clients but are also equally delighted to take those new to the scene, on an incredible journey into our debauched world. Once inside Our inner circle, you may be invited to join Us at one of Our small private play parties or accompany Us to a fetish event, where you will meet with other exciting members of the fetish community. We are extremely experienced in what We do. We play hard and play safe. Safety is paramount to Us, above and beyond any fantasy We may want to play out with you.

To arrange a session, for more details go to Our Rates and Contact page. We have an extensive range of latex and a selection for client use, although We do not have all sizes, We may be able to squeeze you into one of Our medium to large catsuits for your session.

I truly love My TGirls. Over many years I’ve honed My craft when feminising & transforming My very willing subjects into confident dazzling beauties… who at times can be rather slutty too. Whilst your face will be My creative canvas… that’s merely the beginning of your transformation. In addition I’ll teach you how to sit, stand, walk & even dance like a lady. I also specialise in bespoke personal shopping trips & overall transformation sessions. Together we’ll select your clothing, shoes, makeup & wigs, I’ll be your Transformation Guru! Should you wish, We’ll even arrange a professional photoshoot as a permanent reminder of your mesmerising makeover.

I especially adore directing kinky group play sessions… in fact I’m rather good at it. If being told what to do & who to do it to, whilst being Dominated by Mistress & Her Dominant TGirl partner in crime piques your interest… then We invite you to contact Us – we’ll make it a reality.

Our highly specialised anaesthesia role play sessions are currently available in London ONLY and limited to only 3-4 clients per month. Check back here for dates and if you are lucky enough to secure one of these prestigious and highly sought after appointments, a deposit will be required to confirm your booking. Upon receipt of your deposit, We will invite to join Us for your extensive pre session phone conversation. During which, We will discuss and plan your session in precise detail.

We are available for all other sessions in Merseyside throughout the year. Please note at the current time, We offer anaesthesia role play sessions in London only.

Come and have delicious debauched fun with Us… We guarantee to take your breath away.

Mistress xx

Anaesthesia Role Play

After expertly squeezing him into a shiny latex catsuit & full face latex hood, black of course, it was time, the witching hour had arrived.

He quivered with delight as I sensually caressed his latex clad physique from head to toe, before firmly thrusting him into My highly polished, black leather vintage dentist’s chair.

Applying each leather strap, one by one, I delighted at his whimper of ecstacy. He was Mine.

I felt his heart rate quicken as I administered his first dose of delicious imported poppers, mask held firmly over his nose & mouth, forming a perfect vacuum seal. This was only the beginning.

Wearing My crisp, blue starched nurse’s uniform, complete with black stockings & black waspie belt, white hospital shoes, ‘anaesthetic nurse’ badge & NHS issue surgical mask, I was delirious with excitement at what was to unfold.

Latex head harness in position, I secured My black beauty mask to his face, an even tighter seal this time. “Breathe deeply My little fucktoy, that’s right, float away on a cloud of intoxicating aromas, I’m right here, right beside you, you’re in very safe hands”.

As I added yet more of My secret intoxicating ingredients, he was totally bewitched & under My spell. I continued to whisper hypnotically into his yearning submissive ear, guiding him deeply into his very happy place.

Segufixed to My leather fetters bed, black beauty mask, still harnessed to his latex clad face, he continued to breathe My perfectly balanced cocktail of aromas.

Estim was turned upto the max, sending a waterfall of erotic & exquisite pain through his hard erect penis & fully engorged scrotum. He remained firm, hard & fully erect for all of our 2 hour session together, well, until I annihilated him with My own personal Lelo wand that is..more about that later.

Out of segufix, legs spread wide & head low down, what a glorious sight to behold. I just adore a captive in that pose. As I snapped My black surgical gloves against My wrists & slathered lube all over My fingers & his desperate needy ass, he palpably braced, ready to receive My exploring prostate massaging skills. Of course I didn’t disappoint..what self respecting Professional Dominatrix would? Did I mention the catheter?

Almost 2 hours into session & his drainage bag was full to almost overflowing. Just time now for his 8th & final time ‘under My black beauty mask’, before reaching for a good thick plastic bag & short leather belt. It was time for My grand finalè.

I excitedly placed the poppers soaked wad into the bag, speedily wrapped it over his head, secured it tightly with the belt around his neck, & bam. My trusty Lelo wand went to work on his manhood as I ordered him to “spurt now”. His eruption was instantaneous, ‘the fet game’ was over & We/we were both outright W/winners. Until the next time….


QUESTION..How many Mistresses’ have you personally seen, who actively encourage you to phone Her for a lengthy chat, ahead of your session?

My guess would be, not very many..right? Yet..how does Mistress know your deepest desires, NEEDS, want’s, thrills, if you’re not given the opportunity to say so?

Once you clearly demonstrate to Me that you are serious & committed to our session, & most importantly, your deposit has been transferred, We/we will agree a mutually convenient time to discuss in fine detail, all that you wish to achieve in a session with Me.

We’ll phone chat for a least 30 minutes, (all included in your Tribute)..this is our time to get really well acquainted, your time to ask all of your questions, My time to begin to get inside your head..which is of course what you need from your Mistress… our time to plan your debauched & deviant play session..oh yes.

What this DOESN’T mean…is that you will ‘attempt’ to mistake My kindness for weakness…many Knobends have tried & failed miserably…poor fools that they are…yet, this is not how you behave right? You show Me respect & it will be reciprocated My willing slave.

We are about to enter into a very erotic & intimate adventure together…help Me to understand you….& you will be rewarded tenfold…

Until We/we speak…


A testimonial from a recent client visit to Mistress Empathy and Domina Zephyr

It was 12:00 noon when I made the call as instructed by Mistress Empathy. I was a voluntary patient in the Empathy Asylum.

I was invited into the clinic where I met the lovely T Girl Zephyr and the beautiful Mistress Empathy who were to be my nurses for the next 5 hours. I was shown to an imposing cell downstairs in the cold cellar where I was told to strip off everything except my panties which were holding may sanitary towel in place and wait for my nurses to return.

I didn’t have long to wait, out of the cell I was ordered and immediately given my pre-med to calm my nerves and prepare me for what was to come. I was then clothed in the tightest fitting leather straight jacket ever. Zephyr didn’t hold back, I was fitted with a rubber hood and ball gag and given a chemical enema and placed in a nappy and plastic pants – both nurses admired my attire.

What came next shocked me, I was marched off and placed in a padded cell, laid face down and my legs bound together, as the door shut I realised there was no escape the clutches of these two nurses.

As the pre-med kicked in everything seemed peaceful and serene, it was then that Nurse Empathy came in and I was given no option but to breath in some other chemical which sent my head in a spin. Where was I, what was happening to me? It was then that I was released from my bonds and taken to the operating theatre, more pre-med was given to me and I was dressed in a theatre gown and cap and ordered to lie down on the operating chair. I was strapped in, first the arms and then my legs, supposedly for my own safety but as I found out the Nurses had an ulterior motive.

My knickers and sanitary towel were removed and catheters were inserted. Nurse obviously had a taste for my blood as she inserted a cannula and let the blood pour out onto a new sanitary pad, as she slipped my knickers back on it was a wonderful experience having a bloody sanitary pad rubbing up against me.

It was time then for Nurse to provide me with a permanent reminder of my visit, a nice deep cut with the scalpel and some sutures, again the aromas flowed and it ensured I didn’t feel a thing, it was truly wonderful to be back in the room and to have a deep cut in my leg without even feeling it happen.

I was sent home in my sanitary pad, leg bandaged up and a nice pair of back zipped leggings on, I felt like a real girl. I am hoping that on my next visit, Nurse will be able to give me some silicone breasts.

Both Mistress Empathy and Zephyr are forces to be reckoned with and not to be underestimated.




REMEMBER, you come to Me because I instinctively know how to fulfill your deepest darkest fantasies. I understand not only your fetish need, also your deep psychological & emotional need. You choose to come & session with Me because you know that I totally ‘get you’, that without question, I’ll take you to amazing places & give you experiences, that until now, existed only in your mind. I make them your reality, resulting in pure, unadulterated, delicious, floaty sub-space.


As an edge player, I routinely take My fabulous edgy clients & patients to oblivion & beyond. Be it with advanced breathplay, probing medical techniques, full body bag bondage…My repertoire is extensive & I excel in My craft.




Quite simply put…you stay with Me for at least 30 minutes. Whilst you’re re-hydrating after your period of nil by mouth, & boosting your blood sugar levels with My delicious choccy bars, I cast My expert Mistress eye over you, ensuring that you are perfectly safe to leave My chambers. I love that we get to debrief our session & plan towards our next session together, or put the world to right’s, or just chat about random stuff. Either way, we’re strengthening our bond & deepening My understanding of you & your needs. Under no circumstances do I permit My clients & patients to leave without receiving their aftercare, non negotiable.


Excellent, ethical aftercare, is what puts the ‘Professional’ into Professional Dominatrix…which is precisely what I am & don’t you know it…



I’m calling him Joe, that’s not his actual name, it’s My way of preserving his identity & modesty.


Joe’s a repeat client, returning to Me for his second session over several months. He’s an ‘old school’ gentleman by character & a man of few words. That said, he’s exceptionally deviant in his thinking & his list of kinks is extensive to say the least!!


So, the witching hour arrived, just a couple of days ago in fact, & Joe arrived, promptly, on time, carrying a fabric shopping style bag. After greeting Me with a kiss to My cheek, (yes, I do occasionally allow this), he informed Me that he had something for Me. Well… I was thinking ‘Flower Bomb’, My favourite perfume, result! Alas, I was wrong, Joe had brought clear plastic bags & a roll of duct tape…he knows Me so well, the Miss Edge-player that I am. Naturally, I made My feelings very plain & I have zero doubt the full gift set will be arriving pronto!


Our session included:- said use of bag & tape, gas mask & breathing tube together with full body bag & leather strap bondage, prolific use of imported poppers, nipple torture, (with screams), rope bondage, wrist to neck bondage, with total deprivation hood during a blackout spell in the padded cell & even more poppers, anal stretching/examination & electrics with the added element of ball gag & blackout goggles. We used the fetters room & full cellar dungeon. A veritable smorgasbord in fact, 3 hours of debauchery & deviance.


We ended our session in My medical clinic, (Empathy Asylum). Joe was bound in My stunning new state of the art medical chair, lights dimmed with only the overhead light casting an eerie shadow, electrics zapping his manhood, ball gag in situ. The look on his face was one of pure bliss, I felt privileged & proud, in equal measures to be in that room with Joe. Allowed into his private sanctum, his inner world. That’s what being as Mistress is all about to Me. Understanding My clients’ needs & delivering on them.


Joe, sent Me an email that night, here’s a brief excerpt:


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful session with you yesterday. I think we both agreed that all the buttons were pressed  & that I assume You enjoyed it as well? I enjoyed our little chat afterwards, shame it could not have been longer. It’s good to share conversation with someone else who is prepared to listen & offer advice. Once again, thank you for the wonderful session, apologies for the embarrassment of the tape & bags, don’t know what I was thinking of”


Joe had to rush away at the end of our time together due to work commitments, which was such a great pity. I always spend at least 30 minutes with each client after our session, we sip sweet delicious drinks, eat chocolate, discuss today’s session highlights & begin to plan for our next meeting.


This is the very reason I choose not to session all day every day, or just for financial reasons….I simply couldn’t….end of.


Being an effective, ethical & profound Mistress is My passion. Mistress is what I AM, not ‘what I do’.


I dedicate this to each & every one of My amazing, faithful clients, you know who you are,


Mistress xx






At the beginning of each month, I’ll post a list of dates, outlining My availability.


Naturally, as My clients & patients secure their time with Me, those dates inevitably disappear.


I don’t session everyday, I have private therapy clients & fetish therapy clients who come to Me for My help & guidance too.


Please remember, all of My sessions last a minimum of 2 hours, I NEVER rush a session.


Because the service that I offer is very ‘personal, niche & exceptional’, I do get booked up very quickly indeed. Therefore, I recommend that you grab these appointments whilst you can. My reputation as a refined & very experienced Dominatrix is second to none. You WILL phone Me, you always do.


I’m so looking forward to hearing from you My slave………








Well, how about we start with what you really DON’T need?


Seeing the previous client leaving, just as you arrive, like you’re on a client conveyor belt.

Lack of discretion & privacy.

A Mistress who hasn’t made sufficient effort with her appearance, like it’s just Her job

A Mistress who watches the clock, more than She watches you.

The list is endless………& for many clients, this is the standard norm.



I only see one client per day, & that’s not every day by any stretch. I choose not to.

The reason?

Well, that’s quite straightforward…

I never ‘go through the motions’ with My clients. Yes, I’m a Lifestyle Domme, a pure fetishist, very kinky, dark, deep & sensual. Yet, My total aim during our session, is to ensure that you have the best & most amazing experience ever, with lots of kinky memories to dine out on, in your mind, for quite some time to come…& you will…be sure of it.  From the minute you arrive, to the minute you head for home, you are My one & only focus.


Be it pure BDSM or with hypnosis, you WILL feel very special indeed. This Mistress will not settle for less, ever.


Now that’s what I call a true Mistress xx








Welcome to My blog

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my new website, and of course, my new blog. Here, you will find all of my writings as well as news and details of upcoming events.