Mistress Empathy

Professional Dominatrix and Medical Mistress

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Imagine how it will feel, when you are free – at last – to share your innermost secrets and fetish desires. When you abandon your free will and I take complete control of your body, your mind and your soul.

I’m Mistress Empathy.

I will take control of you and accept your submission. We both know that this is what you need. You must submit. You need to submit. It’s what your heart and your mind yearn for.

Writhe in ecstasy as you abandon yourself to my dark, sadistic charms. Be reassured that while we go on this journey of bondage, Domination and self-discovery that I will hold you safe and not let you fall.

Delight as I climb into your mind and elicit everything you’ve always dreamed of expressing, all melding together in an exciting, prolonged and intense journey of play.

Time spent with me is the stuff of fantasy. When we’re together, we’ll create memories that will last a lifetime. Once you enter My Domain, you will feel safe and you will know that for our time, sharing the same air that you are special to Me.

Gaze into my steel blue, all knowing eyes. For I see you better than you see yourself and as one, together we will dive deeply into your innermost thoughts.

As your fetish guide and therapist, I will set you free from all that has troubled and confused you.

Our sessions will be tailor-made and relevant only to you – just like my leather gloves are to Me. You will be in my warm embrace of Dominance.


Mistress Empathy

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