I’m calling him Joe, that’s not his actual name, it’s My way of preserving his identity & modesty.


Joe’s a repeat client, returning to Me for his second session over several months. He’s an ‘old school’ gentleman by character & a man of few words. That said, he’s exceptionally deviant in his thinking & his list of kinks is extensive to say the least!!


So, the witching hour arrived, just a couple of days ago in fact, & Joe arrived, promptly, on time, carrying a fabric shopping style bag. After greeting Me with a kiss to My cheek, (yes, I do occasionally allow this), he informed Me that he had something for Me. Well… I was thinking ‘Flower Bomb’, My favourite perfume, result! Alas, I was wrong, Joe had brought clear plastic bags & a roll of duct tape…he knows Me so well, the Miss Edge-player that I am. Naturally, I made My feelings very plain & I have zero doubt the full gift set will be arriving pronto!


Our session included:- said use of bag & tape, gas mask & breathing tube together with full body bag & leather strap bondage, prolific use of imported poppers, nipple torture, (with screams), rope bondage, wrist to neck bondage, with total deprivation hood during a blackout spell in the padded cell & even more poppers, anal stretching/examination & electrics with the added element of ball gag & blackout goggles. We used the fetters room & full cellar dungeon. A veritable smorgasbord in fact, 3 hours of debauchery & deviance.


We ended our session in My medical clinic, (Empathy Asylum). Joe was bound in My stunning new state of the art medical chair, lights dimmed with only the overhead light casting an eerie shadow, electrics zapping his manhood, ball gag in situ. The look on his face was one of pure bliss, I felt privileged & proud, in equal measures to be in that room with Joe. Allowed into his private sanctum, his inner world. That’s what being as Mistress is all about to Me. Understanding My clients’ needs & delivering on them.


Joe, sent Me an email that night, here’s a brief excerpt:


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful session with you yesterday. I think we both agreed that all the buttons were pressed  & that I assume You enjoyed it as well? I enjoyed our little chat afterwards, shame it could not have been longer. It’s good to share conversation with someone else who is prepared to listen & offer advice. Once again, thank you for the wonderful session, apologies for the embarrassment of the tape & bags, don’t know what I was thinking of”


Joe had to rush away at the end of our time together due to work commitments, which was such a great pity. I always spend at least 30 minutes with each client after our session, we sip sweet delicious drinks, eat chocolate, discuss today’s session highlights & begin to plan for our next meeting.


This is the very reason I choose not to session all day every day, or just for financial reasons….I simply couldn’t….end of.


Being an effective, ethical & profound Mistress is My passion. Mistress is what I AM, not ‘what I do’.


I dedicate this to each & every one of My amazing, faithful clients, you know who you are,


Mistress xx






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