Anaesthesia Role Play

After expertly squeezing him into a shiny latex catsuit & full face latex hood, black of course, it was time, the witching hour had arrived.

He quivered with delight as I sensually caressed his latex clad physique from head to toe, before firmly thrusting him into My highly polished, black leather vintage dentist’s chair.

Applying each leather strap, one by one, I delighted at his whimper of ecstacy. He was Mine.

I felt his heart rate quicken as I administered his first dose of delicious imported poppers, mask held firmly over his nose & mouth, forming a perfect vacuum seal. This was only the beginning.

Wearing My crisp, blue starched nurse’s uniform, complete with black stockings & black waspie belt, white hospital shoes, ‘anaesthetic nurse’ badge & NHS issue surgical mask, I was delirious with excitement at what was to unfold.

Latex head harness in position, I secured My black beauty mask to his face, an even tighter seal this time. “Breathe deeply My little fucktoy, that’s right, float away on a cloud of intoxicating aromas, I’m right here, right beside you, you’re in very safe hands”.

As I added yet more of My secret intoxicating ingredients, he was totally bewitched & under My spell. I continued to whisper hypnotically into his yearning submissive ear, guiding him deeply into his very happy place.

Segufixed to My leather fetters bed, black beauty mask, still harnessed to his latex clad face, he continued to breathe My perfectly balanced cocktail of aromas.

Estim was turned upto the max, sending a waterfall of erotic & exquisite pain through his hard erect penis & fully engorged scrotum. He remained firm, hard & fully erect for all of our 2 hour session together, well, until I annihilated him with My own personal Lelo wand that is..more about that later.

Out of segufix, legs spread wide & head low down, what a glorious sight to behold. I just adore a captive in that pose. As I snapped My black surgical gloves against My wrists & slathered lube all over My fingers & his desperate needy ass, he palpably braced, ready to receive My exploring prostate massaging skills. Of course I didn’t disappoint..what self respecting Professional Dominatrix would? Did I mention the catheter?

Almost 2 hours into session & his drainage bag was full to almost overflowing. Just time now for his 8th & final time ‘under My black beauty mask’, before reaching for a good thick plastic bag & short leather belt. It was time for My grand final√®.

I excitedly placed the poppers soaked wad into the bag, speedily wrapped it over his head, secured it tightly with the belt around his neck, & bam. My trusty Lelo wand went to work on his manhood as I ordered him to “spurt now”. His eruption was instantaneous, ‘the fet game’ was over & We/we were both outright W/winners. Until the next time….