Therapy for Kinksters

Beginning your process of self-acceptance

Is your secret life conflicting with your vanilla life?

Do you feel guilty or ashamed of your kink?

Are you confused about your sexuality or gender?

Have you ever wanted to talk to somebody in confidence about your kink,
somebody who really understands issues associated with the fetish community?

Mistress Empathy, the fetish therapist, is here to help you understand your thoughts and feelings without judgement.

Fetish therapy is a blend of talking therapy and fetish play combined. Clients can choose to receive therapy ahead of play or during play.

The aim of fetish therapy is for fetishists who have the need, to lay their demons to rest and embrace their kink. Mistress Empathy has 25 years of experience as a therapist, fully qualified in counselling and a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Mistress Empathy is also a highly experienced Pro Domme and Mistress.

Some of my clients are unable to visit me for real time sessions at my fabulous chambers on the Wirral. For those of you unable to attend, Mistress is now happy to offer distance phone domination via Skype. Dress up in your favourite fetish gear and get ready to feel the power of your mistress controlling you via your device. Skype domination sessions are offered at £1 per minute. Contact Mistress for more details.