Delighted to share, that Rubber Rebellion 2 was a massive success! My ambassadors did Me proud with rope & violet wand demos. Our rope bunny was transformed into Jesus Christ on the cross, complete with red soya candle wax on his hands & face, topped off with a crown of thorns. Awesome spectacle, well done to My No.1 girl for her fab creative display.


Then there was the most theatrical violet wand demo. The lights were dimmed, the heavy, moody music with deep base rhythms filled our ears. Our rope bunny is only 3 months into the scene, he was a brave boy indeed as sparks literally flew. Shackled to the cross, feet & ankles, face covered with a full shiny latex hood, he quivered with sensual delight before our very eyes. Oooh how I enjoyed Myself!


Our partygoers were resplendent in their shining rubber finery. They moved with grace & ease, fitting their second skin perfectly.


As for our beautiful plus size models….well…they strutted their confident stuff, drenched in the most bespoke & couture gowns. How I love to enable fellow fetishists to walk tall & come alive….


Talking of which…. I treated My partygoers to an intense & personal medical scene, with the help of My masochistic victim.


Filling My clinic with a blue hue light, I thrust him into My dentists chair, poppers mask pressed firmly onto his fearful face. Slowly & deliberately I secured black leather bondage straps around his entire body, including his throat & head. He needed chastising, slap as My hand struck his face repeatedly. Now your place slave. Tearing open the antiseptic swap, I cleaned an area on his chest, ready for what was to come next….large gauge needles, three of them. This was just a teaser, I had bigger plans for him. My assistant passed over My bubbler bottle, the delicious aroma of poppers filled the air, as using My syringe I added a large fill to the bottle. With My rubber surgical mask, I covered his face, demanding he take 3 very deep breaths. He had no choice but obey Me. As he shivered & floated away on My poppers brew, I sterilised both of his nipples & without so much as a moments hesitation, I forced My needles through both, as he screamed out ‘Mercy My Goddess’. His words were wasted on Me, as I attached My most evil nipple clamps to both of his pierced nipples & tugged firmly on the connecting chain. His screams were blood curdling, just as I love them to be from My slaves. One more round of My bubbler bottle saw him finished..he was done…unable to take any more of My sadism….perfect, just perfect….


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