The London Nerve Centre

Imagine now THE most utterly debauched mind and body trip of total violation, to orgasmic oblivion possible.

Welcome to The London Nerve Centre. All sessions at this venue are Double Domme sessions jointly with Mistress and T Girl Zephyr.

We will explore every inch of your body and every corner of your mind.

Jointly We are a formidable force. When practicing Anaesthesia Role Play Our reputation speaks loudly for itself. We operate at the pinnacle of our profession and Our testimonials from Our extremely satisfied repeat clients, serve to reinforce Our Professional status.

Currently Anaesthesia Role Play sessions are available in London ONLY.

Introducing ‘THE APPARATUS’, THE STAR ATTRACTION. Custom designed and built to exacting specifications. Completely unique, the only one of a kind in the world.

As you slide inside your shackled temporary prison, prepare to be fucked, sucked, milked, entered, violated, electrified and mind fucked, whilst breathing 3 delicious aromas… all elements in complete unison. Of course, Mistress will be there to delight and savour in your torment. Naturally, you won’t encounter this all encompassing mind blowing experience anywhere else… fact.


I, Mistress Empathy, am honoured to be the only Professional Dominatrix permitted to session from this highly prestigious, private London postcode. I’ll travel specifically to see you in London, from My base in the North. You must act quickly as spaces are very limited. My availability will be on My website and Twitter. All sessions take place in the afternoon and last for a minimum of 2 hours.

Lucky, lucky you!


Due to the specialist nature of this equipment and the agents involved, Mistress Empathy’s tribute for London sessions is £180 per hour, two hours minimum session.


First hour £350; each subsequent hour £250 (2 hours minimum).