Hello fellow medical fetishists!

I’m beyond thrilled & excited to announce the GRAND OPENING of My new medical fetish clinic, aptly named EMPATHY ASYLUM.


With it’s stark, austere white walls, original dentist’s chair & blinding overhead light, sadistic Nurse Empathy is in attendance to administer Her twisted medical procedures.


Anaesthesia roleplay is a personal favourite. Prepare to be held in bondage, strapped tightly to My dentist’s chair. You know what’s coming next don’t you? That’s right, you remember your childhood visits to the dentist, the white room, the dentist dressed in crisp cotton medical uniform & that smell….I can still smell it now, can you? The feeling of anticipation, coursing through your entire body, or was it fear?


Either way, many of My personal clients have a deep & dark desire to replicate that experience & I have an even deeper desire to fulfill those fantasies & dreams…& I do, regularly.


Imagine the feel of My starched hospital scrubs against your naked flesh, as you climb into My chair. The leather wrist restraints secure you firmly in place. Next, I wrap you snugly  in My black leather body straps, lingering as I fasten each buckle, one by one. That feels so good, right?

I just adore My medical green nurses dress, red belt & matching hospital shoes. Together with My green rubber apron, matching rubber nurses hat & surgical mask. You’ll find many exciting medical images when you visit My gallery.

This is only the beginning…..a whole host of twisted medical procedures are available for your delight.


Let your imagination take flight……


Twisted Nurse Empathy knows your dreams, come & share them at EMPATHY ASYLUM NOW.






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