I call Her ZEPHYR, She’s My partner in life, My partner in kink & now, (by prior arrangement), My partner in session.


She & I each share the same deviant mind, therefore, to join us for a Double Domming session means that you get twice the thrill, twice the attention, twice the kink, twice the fact..twice the everything.


Don’t underestimate Her, She understands you better than you understand yourself. This beautiful TGirl will totally open your eyes with Her incomparable medical play skills & anaesthesia roleplay experience.


How blessed you will be, when We allow you to witness Our unbelievable intimacy & powerful Dominant connection.


Imagine now, exactly how you will feel, when We escort you into our Empathy Asylum Clinic….

Notice what you see… smell… & hear…

It’s dark, but for the focus of the dentists’ light illuminating our intoxicating medical machinery. Our original surgical steel hospital trolley, covered in carefully laid out medical kit, suture packs, cannula’s, catheter’s, e-stim, surgical steel sound’s… just a small example of what We’re very capable of….


Then there’s the smell..a mixture of antiseptic & strong disinfectant, you know the says HOSPITAL or DENTIST…


That beeping sound, you know the one… it say’s monitoring equipment…


Now it’s time for Zephyr to help you into your freshly laundered hospital gown, neatly & deftly tying the straps to protect your modesty…not for long however…


Into leather bondage she places you…let the adventure unfold………….


Mistress Empathy xx









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