For all you fans of ANAESTHESIA ROLEPLAY…have you ever dreamed of how it might feel to combine it with deep hypnosis?


I love My edgeplay, I’m known for it & I love it with a passion! For some time now, I’ve been using My background in hypnosis, combining it with this beautiful form of roleplay & the results are outstanding. (See My client testimonial), here on My blog page.


Whilst inhaling My sweet aroma’s, you will travel to your very own secret, familiar place. You know what I mean by this right? Often you are there alone, & using My honed skills, I take you from the ‘fear zone’, into the ‘erotic zone’. Again, you understand Me right?


Imagine for Me now, how it would feel to combine this with Me speaking My delicious hypnotic words into your ear. Words that are totally specific to you & you alone. Words that I have created, based on your deepest want’s & needs. Feel yourself drifting deeper & deeper & deeper as I join you in your own personal wonderland. All the while, knowing that you are in the very safe & experienced hands of Mistress Empathy. This is like no other before, this is VERY DEEP & INTENSE, you will feel incredible, be sure of it.


So how do I achieve this for you?


Well as you know, I’m a qualified therapist. I know what questions to ask, how to get inside your head. I will write a personalised, bespoke hypnosis script, based on our pre-scene phone conversation. Put simply, I elicit all what you want to achieve in our session together & I incorporate it into your hypnosis script. What better way to guarantee the perfect session.












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