A visit to Empathy Clinic

Patients to my clinic have a wide range of conditions that require my expert attention. Some patients require light treatments and others… well, lets just say their needs can be a lot more intense. I was recently visited by Patient X who has written a comprehensive review of his visit to my clinic. I thought you deviants might like to read it.

I am not new to ‘anaesthesia role play’, it’s something I enjoy very much, but equally important to me is that I feel safe in the hands of the person administering the gasses. Setting up my appointment after contacting Mistress Empathy was easy. She was warm and open to ideas during our discussions but I couldn’t help thinking there was a sadistic Mistress waiting eagerly to get her hands on me particularly as I asked for something quite unusual to happen to me during my induction. She seemed more than happy to oblige me with my request. Perhaps I should have been more careful what I wished for.

On the day a few days after I had paid my deposit, I approached her chambers with great trepidation. Her rooms are magnificent and as we talked she showed me around her austere basement dungeon fitted with medieval instruments of bondage, torture and restraint, we discussed my procedure and she checked if I still wanted to go ahead with my ‘special request’. I assured her I did and after showing me some of the other rooms, some of which were beautifully equipped with Fetters furniture, I was taken to a changing room and told to strip and put on a medical gown.

A few minutes later, ‘Nurse Empathy’ appeared in full green medical scrubs complete with rubber medial mask and hat. She looked, beautiful, sexy, stunning and looked playfully into my eyes before taking me by the hand into Empathy Clinic, a foreboding white, medical room with a centrepiece antique dentist chair complete with bondage restrains and an overhead dentist light. To the side, was a beautiful antique Boyles anaesthetic machine prepped and ready to go with a black beauty mask waiting patiently on the trolley, waiting for its next patient. Like many of us gas heads, my gas fetish stems from those boyhood visits to the dentist so this really was a dream come true for me.

The room was lit with a bluish hue and music played in the background. ‘Don’t be afraid little boy’ she said softly ‘now lie back in the chair’

She looked into my eyes as she applied all the straps very slowly, one by one. Even my head and neck were strapped so I was completely unable to move as the hydraulic chair was moved backwards into a more inclined position.

A black beauty mask was expertly fastened over my face and I watched Nurse Empathy as she started adjusting the controls of her machine. I was aware of the gasses but it took some time before they took effect and she explained later that this was a 50/50 induction of gas and air. After a few minutes though, I felt beautifully light headed and was aware of her attaching some electrodes to my cock and balls. After a couple of minutes, I started to feel the electrical pulses running through me. With the mixture of gas and air, the pain of the electrics was replaced by the euphoric feeling of gas. I was aware that she was experimenting with the settings of the electro machine taking me into levels of pain I had never experienced before and each time the gas stepped in to reduce the pain into just a numbing throb. An interesting experiment.

After a short break, Nurse administered another induction of the gas, I little stronger this time she said as it was time for my ‘surgery’. I quaked nervously beginning to wish I had not asked for the operation element of our session. I could not move my head at all but my eyes followed her as she started preparing a sterile area next to her machine. I saw curved needles, a suture kit and other sinister looking medical instruments being laid out. I could see her eyes were absolutely smiling with pleasure as she prepared the area and lifted the medical gown above my thigh swabbing it with disinfectant.

By this time, the gasses were really taking a hold of me and I was becoming distinctly unaware of where I was and what I was doing there. I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my thigh and cried out. Nurse increased the strength of the gasses on the machine. I was become more floaty, aware and awake but unsure of where I was and what was happing to me. I looked down at Nurse working on my leg but all of a sudden I had no idea of what she was doing. I was floating blissfully, uncaring as I watched her work with her scalpel. She looked up at me smiling through her rubber mask. The music had become louder, more thrashy in the background like I was at a heavy metal concert. Strange images in my head. I looked down and watched as she used a very large curved needle to stich my wound. I couldn’t feel a thing. This is what I had asked for and it was everything I’d hoped for.

After she had stepped back admire her work, she reduced the gasses and bought me back down to earth.

I was impressed, a small incision skilfully stitched up. A lifetime trophy care of Nurse Empathy.

‘Ready for some more? I’m now going to use hypnosis on you’ she said as she reapplied the black beauty mask.

Gas and Hypnosis? Interesting, but I was more than eager to try particularly as Nurse Empathy has a very seductive voice.

As the gas took me over for my third and last induction, she looked into my eyes, speaking words to me, soft and seductive. Beautiful. The gas seemed to be taking me even deeper this time even though she told me later, as always, she always administers on very safe levels to keep her patients safe. The gas did not need to be strong because as she stood over me very close, speaking words softly in my ear, I felt more relaxed and seduced than I have ever done during a gas play session. Beautiful hallucinations floated in front of my eyes, I could hear nothing but her soft voice willing me to cross over into a very special void of spiritualism and pleasure. It was very much a spiritual experience where I no longer cared about anything other than being in that place. I saw many things there that made me realise how insignificant our everyday problems and issues are in the big picture of life and the universe and all the time, I was there in the room aware of Nurse talking softly to me.

Suddenly I was back. Everything normal again apart from a permanent scar on my thigh.

I could not remember a lot of the strange things that happened to me during that induction but I remember feeling extremely safe in Nurse Empathy’s expert hands.

Her techniques are very special and unique as she is also a trained therapist. She certainly knew how to get into my mind and take me on a journey that day to somewhere I have never experienced before.

Patient X,  January 2017


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