A testimonial from a recent client visit to Mistress Empathy and Domina Zephyr

It was 12:00 noon when I made the call as instructed by Mistress Empathy. I was a voluntary patient in the Empathy Asylum.

I was invited into the clinic where I met the lovely T Girl Zephyr and the beautiful Mistress Empathy who were to be my nurses for the next 5 hours. I was shown to an imposing cell downstairs in the cold cellar where I was told to strip off everything except my panties which were holding may sanitary towel in place and wait for my nurses to return.

I didn’t have long to wait, out of the cell I was ordered and immediately given my pre-med to calm my nerves and prepare me for what was to come. I was then clothed in the tightest fitting leather straight jacket ever. Zephyr didn’t hold back, I was fitted with a rubber hood and ball gag and given a chemical enema and placed in a nappy and plastic pants – both nurses admired my attire.

What came next shocked me, I was marched off and placed in a padded cell, laid face down and my legs bound together, as the door shut I realised there was no escape the clutches of these two nurses.

As the pre-med kicked in everything seemed peaceful and serene, it was then that Nurse Empathy came in and I was given no option but to breath in some other chemical which sent my head in a spin. Where was I, what was happening to me? It was then that I was released from my bonds and taken to the operating theatre, more pre-med was given to me and I was dressed in a theatre gown and cap and ordered to lie down on the operating chair. I was strapped in, first the arms and then my legs, supposedly for my own safety but as I found out the Nurses had an ulterior motive.

My knickers and sanitary towel were removed and catheters were inserted. Nurse obviously had a taste for my blood as she inserted a cannula and let the blood pour out onto a new sanitary pad, as she slipped my knickers back on it was a wonderful experience having a bloody sanitary pad rubbing up against me.

It was time then for Nurse to provide me with a permanent reminder of my visit, a nice deep cut with the scalpel and some sutures, again the aromas flowed and it ensured I didn’t feel a thing, it was truly wonderful to be back in the room and to have a deep cut in my leg without even feeling it happen.

I was sent home in my sanitary pad, leg bandaged up and a nice pair of back zipped leggings on, I felt like a real girl. I am hoping that on my next visit, Nurse will be able to give me some silicone breasts.

Both Mistress Empathy and Zephyr are forces to be reckoned with and not to be underestimated.