Villa Empathy

Imagine being with Me, your Mistress, at a beautiful remote villa in Spain? We breakfast & lunch together, maybe take a morning dip in the pool. After a post lunch siesta, it’s time for your personal play session. What are your deepest darkest desires & fantasies? Would you like Mistress to place you tightly in bondage, whilst teasing you? Perhaps you prefer something darker & edgier? Prepare for Me to leave My mark on you, if not on your body, certainly on your mind. Mistress loves to play.  As dinner time approaches, we decide whether to dine at our villa or have our chauffeur drive us to the nearby Michelin starred restaurant, Either way, we will we waited on, hand & foot, receiving the VIP service worthy of our status. This will be your reality. Come…join Me for our beautiful, kinky experience together. Mistress Empathy xx


Come & join Me at one of the most sizzling & shiny events of the year. Rubber Rebellion is born! From September 2016, I will be hosting the most exquisite Rubber Parties the North West of England has ever known. Our guest of honour is Tim Woodward of Skin Two Magazine fame. On the day itself, he & I will be recording video footage for My upcoming documentary that will appear on his new online TV channel, In addition to all this wonderful excitement, we’ll have demo’s galore, including: Gay Mastery, electroplay, rope bondage. Dress to impress in your finest latex costumes, prizes will be awarded for the best dressed on the day!

Hopefully your appetite is now thoroughly whetted. See you all there My Rubber Rebels xx