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Hello and welcome to My Digital Dungeon and Virtual Consulting Rooms. I am Mistress Empathy, Professional Dominatrix, Fetish Nurse and Skilled Fetish Therapist.

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I am part Pro Domme and part compassionate fetish counsellor and therapist. There are so many people that travel alone along life’s journey without ever realising their true, authentic self. My mission in life is to unleash that spirit and integrate what is a normal, if frowned upon, practice into the rest of your vanilla life. No longer do you need to hide. No longer do you need to sneak around. What you are and who you are is fine as you are.

NEWMistress is delighted to announce that She is now sessioning from the sublime
Fetish Emporium in Manchester!.

Visit Mistress Empathy for a unique experience at London’s
Institute for Deviant Exploration.

Time to be at peace with your darkest desires?

I session with and treat so many people that are in a permanent state of conflict with a part of themselves that is ultimately healthy, if a little bit kinky. There is no reason to be ashamed with yourself. There is no need to feel guilt. My entire reason for being is to help you come to terms with your darkest desires and to help you realise that you are who you were always meant to be – even with your many kinks.

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Whether you desire a creative and intense scene, medical play or a skilled fetish therapist, I am here to help you.

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Chambers based on the Wirral in Cheshire, United Kingdom. Regularly travel to London and internationally.

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(07542) 727060. Mistress under no circumstances accepts phone calls from withheld or private numbers.


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